So our blog, like we said we have a little history of DZC Tactical in the airsoft industry and then we are going to be keeping up week by week with what we are doing and new products for airsoft and paintball.

February 2017

Keep an eye on the page....more to come!

January 2017

New year new products, we started making the Tactical MOLLE Belt (on sale for £40), the MTP Plate carrier (£69.99) and the red/black gas pouch. Also with us looking round and realising that there is more and more females in airsoft we started to make the DZC Tactical Corset, with ribs for support in the back and MOLLE on the front. This still needs field testing but first reactions are positive 

All this along with our first airsoft outing of the year to The Stan in Sheffield and we have to say that it's one of the best sites we have played at since our good old days at the Manor site, if you haven't heard of it its in the old Stanley tools factory over 2 buildings of 3 or 4 floors each (we can't remember as we kept getting lost all day but thats just because were useless at finding our way round) but very fun and on the ball friendly marshalls. It was so good we are heading back at the end of march if anyone wants to join us!  

October 2016 – December 2016

After having scaled back and got ourselves sorted we decided to freshen things up with a name change and new website, none of us really know much about website building but managed to get it done without much hassle and with this we thought it would be a good idea to start doing bundle deals with the plate carriers and chest rigs. We kept the custom side going firstly with the orange and black rig and all the other kit you can find on our custom work page.

May 2016 – September 2016

There is highs and lows in business and airsoft alike, with highs coming in the form of an Airsoft Action feature and also Arnies Airsoft. All that along with hitting the Airsoft Showcase at Strikeforce CQB in Gloucestershire where we got to meet a lot of present and new customers.

But with the highs also come the lows and this was definitely a low point for us at DZC, some bad decisions were made and we had to get rid of a member of the crew for multiple reasons and we also moved in and moved out of a site for the same reasons, but you live and learn and scaled back down our operation to a shed workshop which meant we could carry on doing what we love.

With scaling back it gave us chance to work on new colours, such as MTP and Wolf Grey, and releasing new lines like the DZC Lightweight plate carrier and something for the paintball and now airsoft market the HPA tank pouch for all sizes of tank. Along with getting an embroidery machine to start doing patches and leather working tools we were still fully in swing.

November 2015 - December 2015

With a bit of a quiet month we headed over to Leeds Armouries for a bit of inspiration and research, head over to the Facebook page for some pretty pictures.

A couple of the DZC guys also went to a charity airsoft event for McMillan cancer research ran by the guys over at Gunman Northwest: The Farm. A lot of people attended to raise over £3000 for the charity.

August 2015

This was one of our biggest months in airsoft so far, as we ran our first game as a company – Cold Recon II which was quite a success and has lead us to look into running more games and possibly a weekly game site. But as is the way with airsoft its hard finding the perfect site.

We took our stale over the border to Halkyn wood for the Alpha 55 social event with Bomb Up Airsoft and AJ Militeria.

June 2015 – July 2015

The summer of 2015 had a lot in store for us as we were starting to make a name for ourselves in the local area, this was helped by our good friends over at Bomb Up Airsoft LTD as they started to stock some of our basic equipment like the BB Bags and the chest rigs, they also helped us out by sending more and more custom work our way. We also started making a name for ourselves with the social media side of things with reaching milestones with Facebook (500 followers) and Instagram (250 followers).

This summer also brought around our first expansion of our range of airsoft equipment, with firstly our custom Kydex holsters (go check out our testing video) these can be used for airsoft or real steal as well as shotgun holsters, mainly for the sawn off ones but hey can be made for any and dabbled in making wood gun cases.

March 2015 – April 2015

In March and April this year we dragged our behinds into the technological age and opened up our Twitter and Instagram, so go give us a follow there will be some airsoft and paintball pictures along with some random stuff. March and April also gave us outings to SWAT Fortress, First & Only Airsoft’s The Armoury and Trojan Airsoft where did the BB test video (again see the Facebook it’s all on there).

After running airsoft events for a good few years at The Manor we thought we would bring back one of our old games and started planning Cold Recon 2 at Alpha 55 Paintball in Halkyn Wood.

February 2015

With field testing in full swing February brought multiple outings to spread word of Danger Zone Customs, along with trying out a bit of media at Gunman: The Scrapyard (Go check our Facebook page for the game video and the GHK test video). We started to head further afield to some pretty cool places, like over the Moors to Huddersfield to do a bit of practical pistol (and a bit of airsoft) over at Halo Mill and tried to get our name out in some other industries other than airsoft, such as paintball and even the real steal market.

At DZC we have always said that we can make anything, so we had a go at making a vacuum former so we can make our own custom Kydex holsters and even some custom armour all with varying degrees of success. Along with the media side of things that we were having a go at, we made a camera gimbal, it was basic but it worked.

December 2014 – January 2015

So we start off this little blog with a little history of DZC Tactical (Formerly Danger Zone Customs). The idea was first thought up when the old company the DZC guys used to work for was closing down, this was the Zed Events zombie manor in Daresbury. We had been running events, both zombie and airsoft whilst also using some of our previous skills to start making custom tactical equipment such as BB Bags, chest rigs and the odd magazine pouch for other staff members.

Once we realised that the tactical equipment was getting notice and getting some good feedback we decided to make a go of it and started up Danger Zone Customs to try and build a brand out of it. Field testing began straight away with games at Gunman Northwest: The Farm, Alpha 55 Paintball and Trojan Airsoft.